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Feedbacks They are the engine of our business. Good control and management of your comments will give you more revenue.

This is the most important section to take into account. You can do everything right in your company, But if you have bad comments, the client will not book and less for the price you want.

There are several points to take into account in this section:

  • Do a good comment management: every channel should have recent and excellent comments.
  • Easily control the date of the last comment: in the channel and the ad, a long time without comments gives insecurity.
  • Know what score we have: at all times and on each channel.
  • Know how to generate new and good comments: vital for the good positioning of the ads.
  • Respond to each comment: this is an art, do not do it or leave it in the hands of anyone, it can cost you a lot of money.

Carrying out a good management of each of these points will help you optimize the comments of all your sales channels as much as possible and will position you ahead of your competition.

Gestión de Feedbacks

Reservas directas en tu web

Web, direct channel Promote direct sales and reduce intermediation expenses. How to get this without spending a lot of money.

Today more than ever, your website should be your main sales channel.

We know that you cannot compete with the big ones like Booking, Airbnb etc. but if you ally with them to redirect visits to your website and convert them into reservations.

Did you know that more than 40% of users who visit one of your apartments in booking end up visiting your website?

Promoting direct sales is essential, there are ways to do it in a simple and inexpensive way and to lower your intermediation cost a lot.

Use digital marketing with measure, if we do not control it it can become a high cost without seeing a return in reservations.

Let us show you that direct sales can be increased without large investments.

Revenue The art of selling the right product, to the right customer, at the right time, at the right price and channel.

At this time, all the history of prices, occupations and reservation anticipation time that we had is no longer relevant, but having an expert who analyzes the current data and can react quickly to any change in the market is.

The revenue Management sets the prices at which you must sell at all times, but it also helps you manage prices in the channels, each channel is different, the price at which you sell must also be.

Revenue Management is also up to date with everything that happens in your city at all times, this is essential to be able to anticipate and be able to sell at the most appropriate price at all times.

Using a simple but agile price manager is vital to be able to react quickly and facilitate the daily management of prices.

Revenue managment

Automatización de sistemas

Automation More than 50% of daily tasks can be automated. Save time, gain control and reduce costs.

In the present and especially in the moment we live in, automation is essential. It will allow us to increase control in each department and adapt better and faster to the changes that will come.

All companies would need to do annual reviews of their systems to see what they can automate.

Have tools that allow us to automate the entire reservation process, the management of requests, the management of cleaning, maintenance, stock, staff shift changes, etc. It is essential to have greater control of what happens in your company.

It is essential to incorporate a powerful control panel (dashboard) where in a single photo you will see the current situation of your company. No infinite Excels, no thousands of lost WhatsApp, no calls or notes on sheets, no outdated data...

Information in real time and on a single screen that you can see from wherever you want.

Sales channels Individualized management of each channel to achieve high control and avoid high commissions.

Sales channels are essential in our business, you must work with them, take care of them and make sure they represent you.

A good positioning ensures you more visibility and this translates into more bookings.

When you decide to work with a channel, you must take care of it and not abandon it, so it is better to have less and work well on them. Take great care of the content, texts, photos, headlines, they have to excite.

Each channel is different as well as the commissions that apply to you, therefore, prices, minimum nights and availability that you give them, must also be different.

Working with multiunit in the channels will help you increase your occupancy and reservations.

Let us show you how to optimize your channels reducing the cost of intermediation.

Getión de canales de venta

Estrategia Covid

Adequacy to COVID-19 More physical distancing, more technological approach, more automation.

Many things that you have done until now can no longer be done, or even worse, whoever continues to do them will be at a disadvantage.

Customers will possibly be threatened if we want to receive them, show them the apartment etc. It is time to dedicate resources to automation, online check in / out and to improve our telephone service

Reduce physical contact but increase non-face customer service.

Follow all the protocols and communicate it well so that the client feels safe in your apartment.

360 counseling Specialized in the accompaniment and optimization of tourist and seasonal apartment companies.

Our 360 consultancy allows us to contribute our experience and be able to advise you on the most decisive aspects in the management of your apartments.

We will work together on each of the sections to carry out a good management of the apartments and achieve high automation and profitability.

There are many problems that we have had in the more than 20 years running an apartment company and many solutions applied after carrying out a multitude of trial / error, therefore, we can help you find the best solution to each of your problems.

Asesoría 360 empresas apartamentos turísticos y temporada
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